Mark Twain once advised that we should not allow our schooling to interfere with our education. While I agree with this sentiment, I firmly believe that organized education is nonetheless important in providing a developing mind with the structure and discipline it often requires to mature. Ergo, my education and my schooling are the same: where one system is deficient, the other method is employed as a supplement.

To the best of my ability, I endeavor to complete projects that are both of interest and value to my education. Below you will find a sample of polished and curated works relating to the computer science and engineering disciplines. I have segregated these projects based on their origin but please take note that ideas immigrate and a project that once began in school as research can often find itself crossing the perilous chasm to the new and exciting domains of application and business.

Predictive Nitrification Index for Municipal Water Supplies
Senior ECE Project

Statistically analyzed proprietary municipal water quality data for a private chemical company. Researched statistical and machine learning solutions for predicting water degradation.

LSTM Financial Analysis
Engineering Applications of Machine Learning (ECE 465, SP19)

Compared the predictive power of long short-term memory (LSTM) artificial neural networks (ANNs) against the standard convolutional neural network (CNN) approach to time-series forecasting.

Audio Identification
Digital Signal Processing (ECE 460, SP19)

Replicated Avery Wang's industrial-strength audio search algorithm (used in Shazam and SoundHound). Tested the speed at which the algorithm was able to positively identify a recognized song based on a pre-specified confidence interval.

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DTMF Digit Detection
Digital Signal Processing (ECE 460, SP19)

Analyzed audio signals in the frequency domain using the discrete-time Fourier-transform (DTFT) and automatically identified and translated dual-tone multiple frequency (DTMF) encoded characters.

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MATLAB Audio Equilizer
Digital Signal Processing (ECE 460, SP19)

Created a GUI-based MATLAB application to suppress or amplify the specific frequency ranges of acoustic datasets.

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Gunshot Trilateration
Discrete-time Signals and Systems (ECE 301, FA18)

Determine the location of a sound (e.g. gunshot) using a sensor array and a trilateration technique.

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Pan-Tompkins Heartbeat Detection in MATLAB
Discrete Time Signals & Systems (ECE 301, FA18)

Implemented the Pan-Tompkins QRS complex detection algorithm in MATLAB and tested my approach against genuine biomedical data.

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Triaxial Accelerometer Sampling in C
Computers and Programming (ECE 103, SP16)

Wrote a C program to sample an accelerometer and gyroscope breakout board (LSM303) from a Beagle Bone microcomputer through the I2C bus, allowing it to track it's position and velocity through space. The movement history of the device was then graphed using Python.

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FPGA DC Motor Control in VHDL
Digital Systems (ECE 102, FA15)

Designed a VHDL-based pulse-width modulation (PWM) signal generator. Varied the duty-cycle of a DC motor from the FPGA.

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Traffic Light Controller
High Level Synthesis and Codesign (ECE 482, SP19)

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IDOT 5G Small-Cell Research

A contemporary and comprehensive literature review of 5G small-cell antenna technology and how cities safely plan and implement their installation on transportation infrastructure.

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Autonomous Robotic Navigation through RFID

An investigation into the use of inexpensive RFID tags to simultaneously localize and map (SLAM) a robots environment with high-fidelity.

Fuzzy Clustering

A highly-configurable algorithm for grouping arrays of strings based on a custom similarity assessment.

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Holiday Date API

Screen scrapes a table of upcoming holidays and dates and serves the data RESTfully through a Flask API. This project was successfully completed as part of an interview at Nerevu Group.

NVIDIA Monitor

Wraps nvidia-smi to actively monitor the status of GPU components and automatically email the administrator to warn them when the GPU exceeds the limitations prescribed for it (e.g. temperature).

Modeling Caloric Expenditure

A study of the metabolic equivalent for task (MET) based calculation behind estimates of caloric expenditures during cycling events. Includes both the discrete MET (DMET) calculation and the continuous MET (CMET) calculation developed through machine learning methods.

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Stock Quote API

A live Flask-based RESTful API that screen scrapes Yahoo Finance data and provides standardized output for financial analysis pipelines.

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Statistical Analysis of Precious Metals Commodities

A crude analysis of precious metals commodities vis a vis their relative risk level against the market. The data wrangling that occurs therein can be expanded upon to answer more complex questions about the nature of the commodities market.

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Yubico Authentication

Demonstration of authentication procedures using Yubico OTP keyfobs.